Reef Chief is a mature vessel where engine room space is at a premium. Components of the Green Yacht system were installed at several locations around the engine room where space and the engineer permitted.

Reef Chief's Eco-Friendly Discharge Companion is hidden underneath the floorplates of the aft engine room, where it does its job without taking up valuable engine room space. 

The "guts" of Reef Chief's Green Yacht system are hidden in an out-of-the-way area of the engine room. The Green Yacht system component layout is very flexible and can be installed in virtually any available space aboard the yacht. 
This OMD-21 was tested by injecting a small amount of oil into its chamber only to see it later return to its baseline level of 0 PPM. The "0" PPM level indicated in this picture proves the viability of this entire system.

120' M/Y Reef Chief built by Lloyds Ships of Brisbane Australia in 1990 

In the engine room - Reef Chief's 9 zone Arid Bilge System with clear face, hour meter panel and clear collection chamber