The Green Yacht system is the answer to virtually all of the common bilge issues that plague the average yacht.  This system utilizes seven basic components. The end result: dusty dry bilges with a USCG approved 15 PPM monitor to verify the "green" clean discharge. 

The first component in the green yacht system is the Arid Bilge. This is a dry bilge vacuum system that removes water from up to nine separate compartments and discharges it from the central unit at a controlled flow rate not to exceed 17 GPH.  There are three different models of Arid Bilge Systems available which you may view at

The second component in the green yacht system is the Eco Friendly Discharge Companion II. This is a coalesce type three chamber oily water separator which captures the bulk of the hydrocarbons commonly found in bilge water. The oil floats at the top of the central chamber and the level is viewed through the sight glass window. The standard version has a lift lid for easy removal of the accumulated oils. The type of oil can often be identified which aids in early leak detection. The captured oil is usually mixed with the vessel's waste oil and then recycled. This is a gravity feed unit with no moving parts and is easy to maintain.

The third component in the green yacht system is a simple sump. Because the Eco Friendly Discharge Companion is a gravity feed unit, this sump is needed to collect the flow and propel it through the cartridges.

The fourth component in the green yacht system is a pair of Mycelx polishing cartridges. This lowers the PPM level further to assure a level discharge with few false alarms.

The fifth component in the green yacht system is the flow stabilizer. Small bubbles and high flow will false trigger the OMD-21 and this component assures a stable flow.

The sixth component in the green yacht system is the Deckma Hamburg OMD-21 which is electrically connected to the alarm and control box. The model OMD-21 holds the U.S. Coast Guard Approval Number: 162.050/3032/0 as oil pollution prevention equipment. This device has also been tested in accordance with IMO Resolution MEPC.60(33). The OMD-21 comes prewired fail safe to the control and alarm box. If power were to be turned off to the control box, the OMD-21 would also be turned off which would result in overboard discharge shutdown. The OMD-21 can also be programmed for the Canadian 5 PPM mandate while traveling through the Great Lakes.

The seventh component in the green yacht system is not pictured on the right. This final component is a Y valve or overboard discharge sump. When a Y valve is installed, it must be spring loaded to automatically divert the flow back to bilge or a gray water tank in the event of a power failure or an alarm condition. When a sump is installed, it receives its power from the alarm and control box. In the event of an alarm or power failure, the sump stops running and finally will overflow back to bilge, preventing a discharge above the 15 PPM mandated level.

9-zone Arid Bilge System which draws liquids effortlessly and automatically from nine separate compartments up to 100 intake tubing feet from this central unit.

Eco-Friendly Discharge Companion

Simple Sump

Mycelx Polishing Cartridges

Flow Stabilizer

Deckma Hamburg OMD-21 and control box