Pictured below on right is the full eco-friendly Green Yacht system aboard M/Y Cortina. During the design phase at Newcastle Shipyards, Capt. Nick wanted to protect the environment and ordered this system. 
    The pictured system (below right) includes seven components through which the bilge water flows before exiting the vessel. First, at the upper left of the picture, liquids flow through a 9-zone Arid Bilge System in Matterhorn White with an hour-meter panel as an early leak detection tool. This followed by a Matterhorn White Eco-Friendly Discharge Companion which captures the bulk of the hydrocarbons in the discharge effluent and gravity drains into a simple sump. The twin MyCelx polishing cartridges continue to lower the PPM levels pictured at lower center. The flow stabilizer removes the micro bubbles and uneven flow that would otherwise false trigger the monitor. Finally, the OMD-21 digitally displays the levels of oil in the discharge effluent and controls the alarm and overboard shutdown. 
    The final overboard discharge sump (not pictured) is controlled failsafe and is located under the floor.  

120' M/Y Cortina (2010) - launched with a full Green Yacht system. Its unlikely that oil will ever escape Cortina into the surrounding waters.
Follow the black hose from top left as it connects the following components on Cortina's state of the art system.  Nine zone Arid Bilge System, Eco-Friendly Discharge Companion, simple sump, MyCelx polishing cartridges, flow stabilizer, Deckma Hamburg OMD-21, and control box with audio alarm. Note the 1 PPM level indicated on the OMD-21 display which has been tested and proves the viability of the entire system.